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    4 Testimonials for you 4 testimonial for you

    “ClassifiedEngine is exactly what our team has been waiting since the last two years and I applaud your design team for the perfect design interface to modern design and clean for an engine site on WordPress.”

    blue-l Pinch Deals

    “I hate the idea of buy themes and never have, but I had to make this theme my first buy. You went all out on this one. Look forward to more themes.”

    blue-l Mike Maldonado

    „In my case I would like to focus on a specific city. Currently working on another great theme from you guys, JobEngine and I can say that it’s pretty great!
    You saved me countless hours of coding and brainstorming. I can customize only that parts I need and I’m good to go.“

    blue-l Valentinul

    “JobEngine delivers a clean user experience that both beginner and advanced WordPress users will appreciate.”

    blue-l DynamicWP